Buying a new pool is a big decision. At Aloha Custom Pools, we understand the investment you’re about to make, and we are dedicated to providing you with an exceptional pool design and build process.

As the leading gunite and vinyl liner inground pool builder in Jackson and the surrounding areas, we feel confident we’ll be able to design and build the perfect inground pool and spa for your backyard space. From classic designs to more elaborate features, Aloha Custom Pools can create what you’re looking for.

The Details Matter

As your pool specialist, our goal is to make your dream pool a reality. We know the details, like finishes, accessories, and water features really make your pool unique!

  • Finishes – From aggregate finishes to tile surfaces and vinyl liners, our pools offer the variety that will perfectly complement your pool.
  • Water Features – Water features add beauty and romance to your space. Waterfalls, fountains, and water walls make your project special.
  • Built-Ins – Our array of built-ins can make your pool fit your lifestyle. Let us show you benches, tanning ledges, grottos, and bars.
  • Recreational Add-Ons – Take your pool experience to the next level of fun with waterslides, diving boards, and splash pads.

Gunite Pools

Gunite pools are considered to be the top-of-the-line option when it comes to inground pools. These pools can be built in any shape or design and offer superior strength in foundation. Gunite pools truly have no limits on creativity. At Aloha Custom Pools, we can help make your dream pool a reality by using gunite material and giving you exactly the design you desire. Pool owners often choose a gunite pool because special design features can be easily incorporated, such as sunken seating, tanning ledges, and beach entries. The structural strength of these steel-rebar reinforced pools also allows for any number of water features, including waterfalls, slides and bubblers. Our gunite (concrete) pools have a pebble or tile finish and are the most customizable pools, offering endless options. Whatever you can dream, we can build when it comes to a concrete pool.

Vinyl Liner Pools

Vinyl liner pools are one of the more popular choices for inground pool design because of their exquisite look combined with their lower upfront cost. The vinyl liner pool systems offer a variety of shapes, sizes, liner patterns and accessories to choose from, allowing you to customize a backyard design that perfectly fits your personality. When you speak with one of our design specialists, you can expect to be shown all of your options in an effort to figure out which quality product will work best for your backyard.

Custom Spas

Our custom spas can be designed to any shape to suit your property and design style. We build beautiful custom spas to lounge in, relax in, and get the most enjoyment from year-round water immersion.

Unlike factory-made hot tubs, our custom hot tubs can be embellished with an endless variety of stone and tile options. We can match your existing backyard decor or create a fresh design to add style to your property. The only limit is your imagination!

Thursday Pools

If you’ve been thinking about a fiberglass pool, your weekend begins with Thursday!

Forget Friday. A memorable weekend starts early with us. Thursday Pools makes the best fiberglass pools around. And in just about every other configuration you can think of. That’s because more than 35 years of innovation, quality craftsmanship, and service have helped us to literally re-shape the pool industry. From classic designs to cascading multi-level pools to our one-of-a-kind, walk-in beach entry feature, Thursday Pools makes more than fiberglass pools. We make memories. T.G.I.T.

Latham Pools

Fiberglass swimming pools are one of the most rewarding and customizable ways to transform your backyard into the ultimate outdoor sanctuary. Compared to concrete pools, fiberglass pools are the easiest to maintain and have the strongest and most durable material. When you invest in a fiberglass pool, you’re building a pool that will last a lifetime and remain a constant source of relaxation, fun, beauty, and delight year after year.

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