At Goldens’ we say you need to Work out, Grill out & Chill out. Our American-made cast iron products give you some great tools to exercise, create delicious meals, and relax with family and friends. You deserve your best possible life. We will help achieve it. Simply put…

Genuine Goldens’ Cast Iron cookers are engineered for durability and thermodynamics for superior performance. Constructed of high-quality, durable American-made cast iron that last generations. And it can be mounted to a hand-crafted steel frame cart with cast iron wheels or outdoor kitchen.

LA Grills

Louisiana Grills® delivers an elite outdoor cooking experience that features robust versatility in a variety of sizes. Creating a community around outdoor cooking, backyard barbeques and neighborhood block parties is an idea Louisiana Grills® is proud to be a part of, and proud to be included in.


Designed and built for discerning consumers who want an exceptional outdoor cooking experience, SABER is available only through outdoor specialty dealers. The SABER brand and its proprietary advanced infrared cooking system make owning a premium grill an affordable—and delicious—pleasure.

Bradley Smokers

Food Smokers built to deliver the best flavor, with a no babysitting, no hustle experience. Bradley Smoker makes it simple to create gourmet quality smoked food at home.